5 funny Homer Simpson with a car gifs

Watch this funny gifs with Homer Simpson in cars

Homer should probably not be around cars, this 5 funny gifs might be proof of that.

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Gif number 1 is Homer Simpson stuck in New York with his car locked filled with fines. From the classic Simpsons episode 1 of season 9 “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”

Bart’s movie project

The second gif is when Bart is loaned a camera from school to make a movie with. Homer would really need a stuntman for this part.

The snow plower

Homer and Flanders use a “snow-plower” (Ned’s car with Ned’s roofing attached to the front as a plow) to save the kids. They get frozen in ice after hitting a fire hydrant, and Homer’s repeated gunning of the engine causes carbon monoxide to flood the car. From episode 8, season 12.


Homer crashing into the police car with an electric car.

Homer rolling back into car

Laslty this is an animated gif of Homer Simpson jumping from his car before rolling back into it. During this particular episode, Homer was helping Moe attempt insurance fraud. The plan was to destroy the car so that Moe could claim money back from the insurance company. Unfortunately, fate conspired against Homer and he magically rolled back into the car while trying to ditch it.

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