The 5 most viewed The Simpsons videos on Youtube

I looked for the 5 most viewed youtube videos with the search term “The Simpsons” and this is what I found.

I excluded the once that’s already in my previous list of 5 most viewed Homer Simpson Youtube clips.

Crazy Simpsons styles

Number 5. on my list is “Well this just happened on The Simpsons”, that shows many different stlyes of The SImpsons family entering the Simpsons house. A clip from 2014 The Simpsons Halloween special. The video have over 26 million views.

The Longest Daycare

Number 4. is the clip ‘Maggie Simpson In “The Longest Daycare”‘ from season 26.
Maggie Simpson stars in her Oscar Nominated Short “Maggie Simpson in ‘The Longest Daycare'”.
Directed by David Silverman.

Simpsons lego

Number 3. is a bit longer clip called “The SIMPSONS HOUSE – LEGO Simpsons Set 71006 – Time-lapse Build, Unboxing & Review!”. EvanTubeHD reviewing some Simpsons lego. The video have over 28 million views.

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Treehouse Of Horror XXIV Couch Gag

Number 2. is “Treehouse Of Horror XXIV Couch Gag By Guillermo Del Toro”. With an amazing 29 million views on Youtube.

Tapped out ad

Finally the number 1 most viewed The Simpson clip on Youtube is nothing other than the an ad for “

“. The clip is the clear winner with over 31 million views.

That concludes this awesome top 5 list of The Simpsons Youtube videos. Hope you have enjoyed it and please share it with anyone you know that might care about this (*Homer whispering voice* Please share it with everyone! *End Homer whispering voice*). Thank you!


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