These Barney Gumble Videos Are HILARIOUSLY… sad?

“BURRRRRRPPPP!” where’s the beer?

Bernard Arnold “Barney” Gumble is the Springfield town drunk and Homer Simpson’s best friend, though to a lesser extent after high school. Being a frequent customer at Moe’s (to the point of sleeping there) Barney considers Moe to be his second best friend; however, he is often abused in the process, mainly due to Moe’s personality. Barney was formerly an A-student back at Springfield High, but lost it all due to his drinking alcohol and is since then seen as a disgrace by his whole family, none of whom drinks.

Barney Begins

Let’s start at the beginning. First time Barney drank a beer.
Season 4.

Professor Barney vs Drunk Barney

The 2 stages of Barney Gumble’s drunkeness, from The Simpsons Season 11 Episode 18  “Days of Wine and D’ohses”.

Barney is Designated Driver

It’s not easy being the designated driver, especially when Duff man shows up. Oh YEAH! From episode 9×01 “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”.

Barney Gumble A Short Film

Finally the classic short film made by Barney Gumble, there’s a true poet behind the drunkest man in Springfield. “Don ‘t cry for me. I’m already dead.”

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