Couch Gags of The Simpsons

Couch gags

The Simpsons is famous for it’s unique show introductions called “Couch Gags”.
Couch gags is a running tradition within the opening sequence of the animated tv series The Simpsons. The couch gag changes from episode to episode, generally with the location of the couch ever-changing. In more recent seasons, the gags have shifted to a lot of bizarre and absurd situations, generally showing the Simpsons family sitting on the couch in several different artistic media styles.

Breaking Bad Couch Gag

The Simpsons take on the AMC series Breaking Bad in an All-New couch gag.

“The Hobbit” Couch Gag

The Simpsons spoof The Hobbit in the latest couch gag from the “4 Regrettings and A Funeral” episode.

Simpsons Couch Gag | Rick and Morty

Two great worlds collide . . . violently.

Robot Chicken Couch Gag

Did you catch the couch gag animated in stop motion by the Robot Chicken team? Watch it here!

The most recent intro


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