Did you notice these Simpsons goofs?

There have been many goofs in The Simpsons over the years. Did you notice any of these wider know goofs?

1. Jasper acts as if blind in some episodes but can clearly see in others.

2. Ralph Wiggum is in Bart’s class in some episodes and Lisa’s in others.

3. When the older, male judge character is introduced in Bart Gets Hit by a Car (1991), he is referred to as Judge Moulton. In all other appearances and source books he is called Judge Snyder.

4. Chief Wiggum’s proper hair color is blue. A common animation error is for it to be black in certain scenes (this generally happens in night scenes, or other scenes in dark places.)

5. Some characters are declared dead in one episode, then appear alive in a later episode without explanation or a humorous purpose.

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