Duffman retires after health problem

Homer working as the Duffman

When the actor playing Duffman retires through health problem a replacement is wanted through a TV contest. Homer applies and wins the contest. The owner Howard K. Duff VII tells Homer that he has inserted him with a data chip which will reveal if he drinks, because he should stay sober while on duty. Once Homer sees the misery inflicted by alcoholism he tries to influence the voters of Springfield to drink non-alcoholic brewery. This is not well-received and he’s shortly fired from the duty.

Howard K. Duff tells Homer that there was no chip, therefore Homer returns to serious drinking. Later, Howard tracks down the previous Duffman who is currently working at a restaurant, and convinces him to require his previous job back.

History of the Duffman

Barry Huffman the man behind the mask! Duffman is inspired by Budweiser’s former mascot Bud Man. He’s thrusts were initially acted out by Brad Bird. He is the greatest girl magnet – or so he says. He talks virtually identical pattern like Captain kirk from the first Star Trek.

Duffman’s slogan comes from the song “Oh Yeah” by Yello, that the producers say became very popular and lots of advertisers started using it. As a result, the writers felt that the song and phrase “Oh yeah!” would be a good fit for Duffman.
In one episode he claimed that he was Jewish.

Images from the episode

Duffman Runner up

Duffman preview

Sober Duffman


More details of the episode “Waiting for Duffman” on Imdb http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4468144/?ref_=ttpl_pl_tt.

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