Hilarious Garbage Memes From The Simpsons

Watch this funny Garbage posts that i found on Frinkiac.

When You Dish Upon a Star

Season 10 / Episode 5 (16:08)

“I did their laundry, got their pictures developed, took their garbage to the dump and I still got a car full of their crap.”

“Trash of the Titans”

Season 9 / Episode 22 (19:11)

“But dad, you can’t cram garbage under springfield forever.
Sure, i can, honey-kitten.”

Bart After Dark

Season 8 / Episode 5 (4:16)

“Geez, look at this place.
We got to do something.
Hmm, garbage angels?”

Thank God It’s Doomsday

Season 16 / Episode 19 (2:52)

“Dad? Dad?
Huh?! Oh, big surprise.
The fat guy’s eating garbage.”

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