Homer space adventure with NASA astronauts

Deep Space Homer

The Homer space adventure start with Homer’s smuggled potato chips on the space shuttle, and once he opens the bag they begin to float around the cabin. The crew is at first worred they’re going to clog the instruments, however Homer’s craving looks to save the day as he floats after the chips in zero-G, gulping them all the way down to the tune of the Blue danube. All goes well till he flies into an ant farm, destroying it, and lease the ants and chips loose within the shuttle. James Taylor comes in over the radio to sing a song, however the disaster continues on board because the ants destroy the navigation system. James Taylor suggests that they blow the bugs out the front hatch, which the astronauts do, however Homer fails to put on his “shuttle belt” and is sort of blown out of the open hatch before grabbing its handle and clinging on for his life. Buzz pulls him inside however thanks to the vacuum’s sheer force, Homer breaks the hatch handle, dooming the shuttle because it is unable to land. Angered, Homer attacks Buzz with the nearest weapon, and unwittingly uses a carbon rod to seal the door shut and they come back to Earth.

Although Buzz Aldrin declares Homer the hero, the press see the Inanimate carbon rod as being the bigger hero. The rod is then featured on magazine covers with the headline “In Rod we Trust” and is given its own ticker-tape parade. Back at home, Homer is frustrated that he failed to get as much respect as he had hoped, however the family still honors him for his accomplishment.

Homer space travel video

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