Homer Tomacco for sale

Combining Tobacco and Tomatoes

Homer Tomacco is the product created by Homer Simpson. Once combining Tobacco and Tomatoes when putting a plutonium rod in the ground close to the tobacco and tomato plants.

A tobacco company bought it because it gave the impression to be legal, however Lisa didn’t approve as a result of it killed customers.

When Homer was selling it all the animals ate it and have become hooked in to it. They became violent, and would do anything to induce it. Everybody hates the Tomacco however keeps feeding it as a result of the nicotine in it from the tobacco. it’s sort of a tomato on the skin however within it’s the brown, flaky tobacco.


  • In the new high definition opening sequence, Maggie is on the shop transporter alongside a bottle of Tomacco Juice.
  • Ralph claimed that tomacco “tastes like grandma”.
  • Inspired by Homer’s accident, Rob Baur of Lake Oswego, oregon tried to make his own Tomacco Plant through graft rather than radiation.

Homer Tomacco video

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