Homer’s funniest donut memes

You have to see these hilarious donut memes!

Treehouse of Horror VI

Season 7 / Episode 6 (3:44)

“if you’re looking for that big donut of yours
Uh… Flanders has it.
Just smash open his house.”

Mobile Homer

Season 16 / Episode 13 (8:24)

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough “fun”?
Last year, you spent $5,000 on donuts”

Treehouse of Horror XIII

Season 14 / Episode 1 (8:28)

ALL: Mmm… donuts!
(all screaming)

Stark Raving Dad

Season 3 / Episode 1 (3:47)

“Just because I’m wearing a pink shirt
doesn’t mean I’m some kind of a.. pink donut-eater.
Although it is tempting.”


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