Nightmare Cafeteria a Treehouse of Horror retrospective

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The “Nightmare Cafeteria” is one among the sketches within the sixth episode of the sixth season, and the fifth episode within the Treehouse of Horror Series. The episode premiered on october 30, 1994, and was directed by Jim Reardon.

Principal Skinner expresses himself troubled that a crucial quantity of students are in detention, Lunchlady Doris explains that, due to Springfield Elementary’s money cutbacks, they can only serve Grade F meat within the cafeteria.

Principal Skinner discovers a common answer to each problems: eating the detention students. Jimbo Jones trips Lunchlady Doris, accidentally spills food on himself. Skinner orders Jimbo to assist Lunchlady Doris in the cafeteria, and Jimbo is put to work cleaning a large pot. Eventually the lid is closed on him and Jimbo is killed and cooked, ending up being served as “Sloppy Jimbos” within the teachers’ lounge and also the cafeteria. Everybody likes the new dish, particularly the lecturers. √úter cuts in line to induce another Sloppy Jimbo, and Skinner sends him to detention.

Eventually, so many students are placed in “permanent detention”, that the remaining students have all been incorporated into one class, instructed by a now noticeably fat Mrs. Krabappel. Student Wendell drops his pencil, Mrs. Krabappel joyously sends him to detention. Milhouse sees Mrs. Krabappel reading a book titled the joy of cooking Milhouse, and he suggests to Bart and Lisa that the 3 of them ought to make a break for it, since any one of them may well be next.

The trio sneak down the hall, but are caught by Lunchlady Doris, who charges at them with a spinning eggbeater. Groundskeeper Willie tries to come and save the kids, however is quickly killed by Skinner striking him in the back with an axe, Groundskeeper Willie remarks on how bad he is at rescues before collapsing. Skinner and the teachers advance on the 3 students, and they are quickly trapped on a ledge on top of an enormous food processor, that Skinner activates and switches to the “gooify” setting. However As they are forced nearer to the edge, Bart tells Lisa and Milhouse to not worry and says that one thing always comes along to save them. Milhouse falls into the food processor and is instantly “gooified,” killing him. Bart changes his statement to “Something will come along and save the 2 Simpson children.” No rescue comes, however, and Bart and Lisa also are forced over the edge, screaming as they fall toward the rapidly whirling blades of the food processor.

Immediately after falling into the food processor, Bart screams and wakes up to find out it had been all a dream. Marge reassures him that there is nothing to fret about except the mysterious fog that turns people inside out. The fog then seeps in through the window and does just that. The family and groundskeeper Willie all begin to do a musical number about being turned inside out. At the end, Santa’s little Helper drags Bart offstage and devouring him by his intestines.

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