My predictions for Season 29 of The Simpsons

Season 29 of The Simpsons is coming up to a TV screen near you this October.

Here is my predictions of what will probably happen in this next season.


My first prediction is that we will probably get a Nelson Muntz centric episode were we will find out the origin of the classic laughter Haw-Haw. The episode might also have a cameo by Nelson’s father.

Homer The Youtube Star

I believe there will be an episode were Homer becomes a big Youtube celebrity/vlogger, seems to be the right time to make fun of the Youtube celebrities. Homer would probably embaress Bart and Lisa as well.

Homer would turn famous and rich for a while, but it all would fall apart by the end of the episode like it always do with Homer’s projects.

Here is Homer giving Jimmy Kimmel a tour of Springfield.

Krusty is IT

Treehouse of Horror this year will probably feature Crusty The Clown as the clown IT from the movie IT. Since the IT movie is currently in the spotlight at this time with the release of the IT remake.

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Crusty the clown as IT.

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