These Simpsons beer memes will make you thirsty

You have to see these hilarious beer memes!

Treehouse of Horror V

Season 6 / Episode 6 (4:58)

“So, what will it be, Homer?
Moe! Give me a beer.
No, not unless you kill your family.”

The Old Man and the C “Student”

Season 10 / Episode 20 (6:22)

“I love you, honey.
Are you talking to me or the beer?
To you my bubbly, long-necked, beechwood-aged lover.”

A Star Is Torn

Season 16 / Episode 18 (8:39)

“I’m going to write you a song so great, you can’t lose.
And that’s not just the beer talking.
Your father’s in here, too.”

Thirty Minutes over Tokyo

Season 10 / Episode 23 (18:33)

“Hey, isn’t that homer on the japanese channel?
If that’s homer, then who the hell’s been puttin’ beers on his tab?”

Much Apu About Nothing

Season 7 / Episode 23 (1:41)

“Everyone’s going to be just fine as long as I’ve got enough beers.”


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