The goofs you didn’t notice from Bart vs. Lisa vs. 3rd Grade

The strongest memory you have from this episode is probably that time Bender and (very creepy looking) Pikachu showed up in Bart’s dream!

But did you know about this goofs from the episode? Let’s go through them!

1. The Capital City sign on the bus changes position in between shots.

2. Bart says William Jennings Bryan was an answer on the test, even though the Third Grade Teacher mentions it was a math test at the beginning of the scene.

3. The Third Grade teacher is nowhere to be seen when the School Bus leaves Capital City for the second time.

4. When the grades go on the School Bus to Capital City, Otto says “Pukers in back”, but his mouth his open and doesn’t move.

5. When Willie is carving names into the field trip memorial, he says “Why is it always the kids with the long names?”. One name says Judy and no surname which clearly isn’t a long name.

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Bonus clip from the episode:
“Hey dude, who’s your girlfriend?”


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